- Fralin Jazz Bass Pickup Review
"I wanted more of a growly, midrangy, Jacoesque tone. I read a review of these in Bass Player which praised them up and down, so I ordered a set. I made the right decision. They're amazing pickups, responsive and clear without sounding thin or biting at all (May '03) Read More...



Vintage Guitar Logo - Fralin PAF Review
"This is a medium-/high-output pickup. Fat and Loud, but not messy...Texture is complex and the pickup is responsive. Compresses very well and harmonics are swirly and thick. Harmonic overtones are distinct, and do not wash out each other." (Mar '05) Read More...



Vintage Guitar Logo - Fralin P-90 Review
"Consequently, the Fralins allow more chimey harmonics to bloom in the upper frequencies. These pickups put a lovely grind on our 50-watt Marshall. Still, it's evident Fralin doesn't mind sacrificing output for top and clarity. These hand wound babies are for connoisseurs and priced accordingly." Read More... (Apr '94)

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